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PHSA Medical Staff (Dentists, Midwives and Physicians) must renew their membership with the applicable program of the PHSA.
Reappointment 2019

The 2019 reappointment process for PHSA programs will begin in February, with invitation links to the AppCentral process sent from noreply@bcmqi.ca between February 1 – 8, 2019.  If you don't receive the email, check your junk mail.  Reappointment applications must be submitted by February 28, 2019.

Note! Do not create a new account, you only need one AppCentral account for the Province of BC.

The application documents include the Confirmation of Affiliated Sites Form, Reappointment Application, and the specialty-specific Clinical Privileges Dictionary.  Privileging dictionaries should pre-populate, and only require you to review and request changes or modifications to your current privileges.  There will be no additional uploads required. 

Please note, several Dictionaries have been through a refresh process via the BC MQI and may display as blank, due to the amount of new content.  Updated dictionaries include: Anatomical Pathology /  Hematological Pathology / General Pathology / Emergency Medicine / General Internal Medicine / Midwifery / Pediatric Surgery / Plastic Surgery / Psychiatry

There is no LearningHub course to be recertified for 2019.


Why do I need to participate in the reappointment process?

Credentialing and privileging are often thought of as processes that apply only to the initial request for medical staff appointment and privileges. They are part of an ongoing process of confirming licensure, insurance and assessing competence.

Regular assessment of medical staff competence is a critical component to promote the continuous provision of high quality care to patients.

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