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Webcasting Services

Webcasting Services can help you create a webcast of your event.

Webcasting Services can help you capture live events along with audio, video and any computer presentations for viewing live or on demand via the web. Using you own computer you will be able to: 

  • view live streaming webcasts of events
  • view pre-recorded events on demand
  • download PDF attachments
  • ask questions via email
  • respond to live polling and more

For all other types of webcasting support (ie., WebEx, GoToMeeting or Adobe Connect, etc.) please contact your technical support service provider.


To book a webcast, click the Book a webcast button and fill out the Mediasite request form.


Recording only / View on Demand Live Presentation (up to 50 concurrent viewers) Offsite Recording charges (including advance testing)
1 hour$200.00$400.00Add 20% total cost + external fees*
1/2 day / Evening$400.00$800.00Add 20% total cost + external fees*
Full day$800.00$1,600.00Add 20% total + external fees*

Extra charges apply when more than 50 concurrent viewers are invited to live-streaming sessions.

* These are fees that may be charged by the offsite host (i.e., locations external to PHSA agencies such as a conference centre, hotel, or other institution).


Here are some tips on best practice when conducting a webcast.

Make eye contact with the camera to connect with people who will be viewing your presentation over the internet 

Try not to use spacial references ("over here", or "right there") and instead use reference relative to the content you are presenting ("as you can see below the image of the heart" or "on the second line of the slide")

Wear solid colours, pastels, medium shades or off-white shirts and blouses 

Don't wear busy patterns or very dark suits 

Don't wear shiny, loud, noisy or distracting jewelry, lanyards or scarves

Using a podium or table is encouraged 

Walking around is fine as long as long as you stay in lit area where the camera can see you 

Avoid excessive movement like swaying 

Be conscious of your body language and behave as if you can always be seen

Before the presentation, technicians may ask you to speak into the microphone so they can set audio levels. Make sure you speak the same way that you would while giving your presentation 

Do not tap or blow on the microphone 

Make sure you enunciate clearly 

Place lapel microphones on your lapel or tie, or on the outside of your clothing away from jewelry 

Keep hand-held microphones directly under your mouth 

Remember to turn on or un-mute your microphone before the start of the presentation 

Do not make "non-presentation" comments until the technician informs you that the recording has finished

It is best to save questions for the end of your presentation 

Ask the live audience to use a mircophone or clearly repeat the question yourself so that the web audience can hear them

Take a deep breath and relax. Your audience wants to hear what you have to say!

Frequently asked questions

Streaming from a non-PHSA location is possible. We would need to evaluate the external site to ensure stability of service. Extra charges apply.

Up to 50 viewers can watch a live streaming webcast. If you would like to give more viewers access, please notify Media Production & Services 2 weeks in advance so that arrangements can be made to increase access. Extra charges apply.

Yes, it is the responsibility of the organizer of the event to inform and gain consent from all the presenters for their online participation. 

It is the responsibility of the organizers of the event to ensure that the presenters are either the sole owner of copyright of the content they are producing/creating during the presentation or that they have acquired all necessary permissions/licences to include the content in the presentation. For more information see Copyright for Electronic Presentations under Related pages & documents.

It is the responsibility of the organizers of the event to ensure that the presenters comply with the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act of BC. If the presentation contains patient information, contact the Coordinator of Health Information Management or Release of Information office in your agency to learn about specific procedures on the handling and release of patient information.

Webcasting Service is provided by Media Production & Services (Learning & Development) at BC Children's Hospital and BC Women's Hospital + Health Centre.
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